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Its another great day in womvegas!

Very busy weekend for me building my city Chino Hills. I had a wonderful meeting with business owners of local chino hills businesses friday evening.Set up a nice power point presentation.Started presentation opening up womvegas.Site was down.Thank god Tim was online to fix problem right away.
Started a wonderful video called Get your business noticed on social media. Everyone wants social media promotion!
A minute into the video the power goes out.Probably do to the earthquakes we had that day.Never came back on til 1 hour later.
That is ok tho what is better than giving my voice of personal experience how I can promote there businesses with womvegas thru social media.
After that had a great Question and answer time.A lot of questions concerning how we are different between yelp and foursquare.The only answer I had was the fact what WomTown believes and does is 100%personal service and Building relationships with LOCALS business owners one day at a time.There is no better way of promoting a business without a personal business relationship.
At this time still no power.

End with a closing of me final details of how much and what our service entails.

Did not get any closing sales but what I did get was 7 new business listing with verification. and another 4 referrals to do the same thing the next day.3 more new listing and verification.One follow back this week for advertising sale.And a another referral for a real estate person from San Diego which will be given to Steve and Lori.
Over all we gain experinece thru all minor hold backs .But we just move on and believe in our company and product and we will all be successful.

Womvegas is the best company to build all our dreams.

Richard Dela Cruz
City promoter Chino Hills

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A while back ago I started with Longs Drugs in monterey.I was still in high school at 15.Well thru years of hard work I was promoted work my way to the top.I was able to work in many different areas where ever there was a store I was there.I love the company they took good care of me.

But unfortunately the owners sold the company to someone else.It's like almost 25 plus years with a company I grew up with all thru school.But I had to see the reality of what I was going to do next.Do I really want to start over from the beginning.

Well I decided to start a new chapter.Where I could work from home and maybe just go to the office like 2 days a week,Kept saying where do I find a job like that being able to work from home be at my daughters basketball games.Just really enjoy life with have income come in on a regular basis.

I went back to school just to learn the basics of computers.I ended up enjoying it and became very good at it.Now How do I incorporate computers to my goal.Working at home well I tried everything until I found what work for me.

I started to write blogs that basically was about reviews of online business companies and called it all kinds of names from Slam it or Spam it.Bump it up! or Jump on it! So baiscally what I did was joined all kinds of online business to test and see if what they say about earning and making money by staying at home was true.Well there were a lot of bad ones and a lot more bad ones lol.But there are good one that I like but out of over 75 to 100 that I join only about 12 were legit and great companies.Im always ask how do you rate them.I said very simple.If I receive a check into my account with money earned.Then I would give it my TOP BAM IT OR SLAM IT.WELL YOU KNOW IF MONEY IS PUT INTO MY ACCOUNT ITS GOING TO GET MY 5 STAR BAM IT BABY!LOL.But I had to only pick my top best because that is all I could handle.Top best is WomVegas.

If you want to get information about this just let me know.Hope the best for you. God Bless!


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In all aspects of learning and earning from a new endeavor or business there will be obstacles.But I wanted to emphasize on just one right now.

Which is communication.Our success in womvegas comes from our sponsors and leaders to TEACH us the in and out of making money with womvegas.But it also takes the "new person" to take the necessary steps to in return ask for help before they feel frustrated or unable to earn any income at all.I believe it is a joint effort or what we like to call TEAM WORK.All of this derives from communication between both parties.

So in conclusion for all new people when your sponsor or leader writes you please take the time to read and acknowledge that you have receive the information and introduce yourself.

As a leader it is our responsibility to insure you have all the tools necessary to build a successful womvegas business.

It only takes a second to say "Hello" and a second to respond and say "Thank you"

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I sat down in a group listening to people stand up and 1 by 1 tell there problems to everyone.

The Doctor points at me and says we have a newbie please why dont you stand up and introduce yourself.

Feeling a little embarrass I stand Up and say Hi my name Richard and I suffer from A.T.W.V.B..

Everyone starts Clapping yes you did it you just confess your problem to everyone.

That is the first step....I see the doctor looking thru his medical book with a confused look.

Excuse me Richard in all my 27 years of being a doctor I have never heard of A.T.W.V.B what type of sickness is A.T.W.V.B...I LOOK at everyone and says A.T.W.V.B. stands for...

I tell you what let me write this prescription and take it to the pharmacy.

Richard Dela Cruz
Go to 27money.com
Enter 21635


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then be earning $810.00 per month.

For a COMPLETE video on this go to;
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Richard Dela Cruz
City Promoter Chino Hills
Topaz Member

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Hello Everyone this is a MUST to get I highly recommend.The information that we learn in Las vegas in my opinion is priceless.You want to succeed with womvegas?Then these are the tools you need. Get yours now and get a jump to financial freedom.

Las Vegas Convention Recorded Live!! Shhhh!

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

But, I have LIVE recordings of what happened at our 2013 womVegas convention!!

Go see it now!

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RichardDelaCruz I just got back from our annual WomVegas meeting in Las Vegas.

I wanted to share with you the high point of my trip that I learned.

I have always vision what I wanted to get out of WomVegas.I have always listed my goals and priorities.So I can see it on a daily basis to keep me focus on the direct path to success with WomVegas.

Coming back from our meeting in Las Vegas.Had a very big impact on me.Now I just don't vision my goals and dreams.I have the tools to bring my goals and dreams to reality.

Now let me say when I say tools its just not the programs like mobile deals,womweds.,Twitter,facebook ,wom banners,city portals ect.What im talking about is the mind.yes the mind Tim and Phil made me realize that the biggest tool we have to succeed is our mind.Let me emphasize .

The power of our minds is so powerful We can do anything.What part of the body tells your arm to move?its not your leg its our minds.So when I say I am a winner I know im a winner.When I say WomVegas will take me too financial freedom.I know it is going to happen.

What im saying is don't let anyone or anything tell you that you cannot succeed.WomVegas is the way to freedom.When your thinking about upgrading to Topaz just do it.If your thinking about being a city promoter just do it.We are program to react in a negative way even tho it takes us too success.

Remember the mind is the most powerful tool.

I want to thank Tim and Phil for there direction and leadership and compassion to believe in all of us too succeed.

You are all great leaders and I know success is coming your way.Dont let anything stop you from your DREAMS.In my mind everyone is a WINNER.

Just Go Topaz!
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Become City Promoter
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Richard Dela Cruz Your Sponsor
Topaz Super Plus
City Promoter Chino Hills

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