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urren5 @dreamspay Hi georgetta, Good evening. I sent you a message about the $20.00 I paid with paypal to use in wom boost as I was told that I did not have enough funds but after I paid for funds using paypal and returned to wom boost I had $1.51 to use. I used that $1.51 instead so now I am not sure what to do with the $20.00 I have. I am at work now so can you send me an email and I will talk to you tomorrow. Please let me know what time to call you. Thanks. Delores

Posted on dreamspay personal message page.
2014-10-22 18:02:06    

glorious70 @dreamspay Thank you for your e-mail Georgetta. I purchased 24 hour advertising but I cannot find the advert now.

Posted on dreamspay personal message page.
2014-10-22 17:13:51    

roosevans @drobnick Tim, I noticed you have been adding cell phone service providers to WomMobile. Are you able to add Solavei?

Posted on drobnick personal message page.
2014-10-22 16:18:34    

dreamspay @deepjsarma Get your referral link Deep and put in places where you would normally promote. I am on vacation right now but will be back on Friday. If you are willing to learn email marketing I will send you info on how.

Posted on deepjsarma personal message page.
2014-10-22 14:31:45    

dreamspay @urren5 Delores I am on vacation. My sister came in from Houston and I am not at home this week that much. I don't understand what happend I will have to call you on Friday. But with the $20 you should recieve a ton of traffic. I will talk to you on Friday

Posted on urren5 personal message page.
2014-10-22 14:24:13    

drobnick @urren5 Delores, you only have to pay $1 for wom Boost, even if you use paypal or credit card. You purchased $25 in the boost campaign, which will give you 25 times as many banner ad views and visits from our in house ICC workers.

The best thing you can do to start making money is to get 3 people into the next boost campaign with you, AND start going thru black diamond express. Start on floor #1 and go on up.

Your sponsor can do three way calls with you also. If your sponsor is not available I will do that.

Posted on urren5 personal message page.
2014-10-22 10:29:49    

drobnick @johnmcclure you are welcome to build a business here john.

Posted on johnmcclure personal message page.
2014-10-22 10:24:56    

From: arpad kovacs (husky21)
To: Serdar Abayev (Hakberdi)

Message: Welcome to WomVegas I am so glad you joined the best social network on the net!    

This is a gift from the gift shop
2014-10-22 09:21:53    

From: arpad kovacs (husky21)
To: Raja Gopala Rao Vemulakonda (vrgrao)

Message: Welcome to WomVegas I am so glad you joined the best social network on the net!    

This is a gift from the gift shop
2014-10-22 09:20:49    

johnmcclure @drobnick Hi , How are you?To be honest with you I have been on The internet 4 years now ,The only money I have even seen is the $20 dollars in womvgas. I have joined One program to another.As you can see I stay with a program for a long time . But if I don"t make any money after 6 mth, I will use"ly move on .I do not know why I am telling you this other then I do like what you have to offer. My main thing is I am broke and no job. This is the only thing that keeps me from going crazy.Ever sence the doctor screwed up my shoulder I have not been able to get a job. I am in and out of doctors offices trying this and that to get some relieve from all the pain I have . The doctor left wire and screws in my arm so when I move it one way are the other it cut"s in to the nerves. They say my heart is to bad to do another surgery.Yes the lawyer, "said I was going to get a lot of money but he don't know when.So any way when I do get some money, I will take this to the next level. I hope that is alright with you?

Posted on drobnick personal message page.
2014-10-22 07:50:00    

ndrian @peterscarfo
Thank you

Posted on peterscarfo personal message page.
2014-10-22 05:25:20    

urren5 @drobnick Hi Timothy, Good evening. I have made a mistake today with Wom Boost. I could not pay the $1.00 as it showed not enough funds so I paid $20.00 with paypal. When I returned to wom boost it showed that I have $1.51 so I used that to pay. What is the best way to use the $20.00 to make commission.....Thanks Delores

Posted on drobnick personal message page.
2014-10-21 20:55:01    

msscottsdale1 @drobnick,I just funded my ad from gac, refreshed button still red,please check

Posted in the Memory Match Game chat room
2014-10-21 18:57:13    

KarenRossiter @KarenRossiter12

Posted on KarenRossiter12 personal message page.
2014-10-21 16:03:07    

urren5 @dreamspay Hi Margetta. Good morning. Hope you had a nice weekend. I have done something which I am not sure what to do. I went to pay for wom boost but was told I did not have enough money to pay, so I paid $20.00 using Paypal. After I payed and returned to wom boost I saw $1.51 in my account so I payed with that. Now I don't know how to go about the $20.00. I would like to the other 4 things you mentioned on the video in order to make commissions. How should I go about that? I will be working this evening. Please send me email. Thanks Delores

Posted on dreamspay personal message page.
2014-10-21 12:00:30    

pbuels @onlysuccess93 Hello Comer this is Patra your sponsor wanted to let you know we are still doing the 1.00 campaign I am gifting you the 1.00 so that you can try it you will get an email shortly If you need assistance with setting up your campaign let me know.Welcome again glad you are on our team text me 5053159615 I will call if you need assistance tomorrow

Posted on onlysuccess93 personal message page.
2014-10-20 23:30:56    

pbuels @rf12good Hello Rod How are you just wanted to let you know we have a New campaign starting tomorrow I am giving you a gift card for 1.00 so hurry jump in and promote your site tomorrow

Posted on rf12good personal message page.
2014-10-20 23:18:01    

From: arpad kovacs (husky21)
To: engkus kusnandar (ajikerenyed)

Message: Welcome to WomVegas I am so glad you joined the best social network on the net!    

This is a gift from the gift shop
2014-10-19 22:38:44    

From: Peter Scarfo (peterscarfo)
To: Andry Ratolojanahary (ndrian)

Message: Congratulations on the birth of your daughter Andry.    

This is a gift from the gift shop
2014-10-19 20:39:06    

jbryce @ezfundraising

Hi R Robinson,

Welcome to Womvegas a fun and profitable Social Network where we have friends all over the world to the tune of over 71,000 members.

I requested contact you by SKYPE with your name but there were so many sites, I could not identify you.

Would you send me request to contact.

our SKYPE account ID is: joycebrycewoodbury

That way I will have your contact and you mine.

I look forward to a long and prosperous friendship.

Bryce Woodbury
Topaz Super+ and Master City Promoter

There is a new game where you can have fun and make money, Click on the green circle Wom Boost.

Posted on ezfundraising personal message page.
2014-10-19 20:13:24    

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