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dreamspay @sjogriffith Hi Joe if you want to keep this brand new account you can.. Just please login to the old account using this email: s..........ith@gmail.com Next go to Account and scroll down to the #9c and delete account.

If you have questions please call me.

Posted on sjogriffith personal message page.
2014-07-21 23:48:47    

sjogriffith @drobnick Thanks for the reply, I paid the $10 and they have taken it out of my bank account Here is the receipt 07/21/14

Posted on drobnick personal message page.
2014-07-21 23:43:17    

dreamspay @sjoegriffith Hi Joe here is the message you need to read.. Thanks so much for being on the Team and Welcome Back!

Joe has given an extra chance to be a Sales Agent and has been unblocked.
Joe must be paid $25 within the next 60 days to keep their Sales Agent status.
Joe must go to account, then #30. My Sales Agent Status, then resubmit their Sales Agent form.

Posted on sjoegriffith personal message page.
2014-07-21 23:39:16    

dreamspay @dougl Hello Doug, just in case you did not see my answer in the coffee shop:

Well you would need to cancel your subscription in Paypal for you mini site using the OLD Credit Card. Next come back to womvegas and get the mini site again using the updated credit card in paypal. Use this link to get your mini site again. click here

Don't worry nothing will change on your mini site. ok.

Posted on dougl personal message page.
2014-07-21 14:49:11    

ladyruth Hi @drobnick I have some problem with my credit I think for tomorrow it will be solve please don't cancel my mini ol account thank you...Ruthsella

Posted on drobnick personal message page.
2014-07-21 13:36:58    

GoldShore @drobnick Exciting and thanks so much Tim.

Posted on drobnick personal message page.
2014-07-21 00:06:59    

SteveS @david_granz Hi David. I hope your Sunday is going good.

I noticed that your sales status ran out. I can reset that for you if you like. Please let me know.

If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to help. Take care.


Posted on david_granz personal message page.
2014-07-20 11:51:33    

careymarketing @drobnick Tim FYI: Under Norton virus protection our wsite and pages are listed as suspect.

Posted on drobnick personal message page.
2014-07-19 09:18:49    

LoriS @JJakobs Hi John! I hope all is well for you. I noticed you were on the Topaz for Sales Agents page. Let me know if you have any questions. Have a fun weekend!

Posted on JJakobs personal message page.
2014-07-19 01:46:02    

UncleJJ @WomTastic Thank you for your help. It makes me more comfortable with the site to know real help is there.

Posted on WomTastic personal message page.
2014-07-18 10:02:47    

zteamtulsa @deyaco Thanks again for the purchase of the Wom Banners and Classifieds over the last few days again they let me know if I can help in anyway. Also if you let me know what banners and classified ads you enter we here might be able to help you marketing them. Thanks again

Posted on deyaco personal message page.
2014-07-18 08:31:13    

RichardDelaCruz hi tim can you please check this out im still at work.


kenhartman @RichardDelaCruz
Hi Richard,
I'm still waiting for Tim to act on my missing paid for Twitter views.
07/14/2014 POS Debit - Visa Check Card PEEL INC 614-939-9524 OH POS -$10.50
Ken Hartman

Posted in womVegas Training for Leaders by Leaders chat
2014-07-18 01:34:58    

WomTastic @UncleJJ

Hi Jay,

Sorry for getting back so late. Hopefully you get this in the morning.

You can use WomBanners to promote anything you like. If you are an affiliate of anything legal, moral and ethical just go ahead and promote it.

You can also use them to promote WomVegas - just keep in mind that a lot of people seeing your ad will already be members of WomVegas. Having said that, the banners are also promoted on many websites (and WomSites) which may or may not be related to WomVegas. Also, a lot of people visit WomVegas who are not members and they could still signup through your link if they click through from your banner.

Most things you want to do at WomVegas can be accessed by either your ACCOUNT page or your PROFILE page - see the links in the top right corner.

When you click on ACCOUNT, you will see a blue panel in the middle of the page called Mail Control Panels. Click on the My Wom Banners link to access your Wom Banners account. There you can set up new banners and check on the stats of existing banners once you have them set up.

As far as getting started... the best thing to do is to go through the Golden Elevator and get on the Black Diamond Express. The text on those pages cover most of the same material as in the videos. You will get a better understanding of the business and how to get off to a great start.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any more questions.



Posted on UncleJJ personal message page.
2014-07-18 00:49:56    

From: Dawn Meyers (dawnmeyers)
To: Levi Manners (levi)

Message: Hope you had a wonderful Birthday    

This is a gift from the gift shop
2014-07-18 00:13:09    

kenhartman @RichardDelaCruz
Hi Richard,
I'm still waiting for Tim to act on my missing paid for Twitter views.
07/14/2014 POS Debit - Visa Check Card PEEL INC 614-939-9524 OH POS -$10.50
Ken Hartman

Posted on RichardDelaCruz personal message page.
2014-07-17 23:43:14    

jbryce @thunder

Hi Thomas, Congratulations and thanks for you purchase. Is there anything I can do for you?

Posted on thunder personal message page.
2014-07-17 21:39:25    

From: BRYCE WOODBURY (jbryce)
To: Ujjal Baruah (Ujjal55555)

Message: Welcome to Womvegas, this is the place we have fun with friends all over the world    

This is a gift from the gift shop
2014-07-17 17:54:19    

From: Georgetta Monroe (dreamspay)
To: Levi Manners (levi)

Message: Happy Birthday Levi! Enjoy Your Day!    

This is a gift from the gift shop
2014-07-17 17:16:29    

From: Levi Manners (levi)
To: Levi Manners (levi)

Message: Thank you everyone for the Happy Birthday gifts!    

This is a gift from the gift shop
2014-07-17 16:39:08    

aaabrown @levi Happy Birthday to you......

Posted on levi personal message page.
2014-07-17 15:36:06    

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